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Kevin J. Ruth

Managing Director

A Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM®) and a Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA®), Kevin is Managing Director of Westlake Global. In addition to 26 years in education, he has given 23 years of service as a director on non-profit boards, with four years as a governing board member of an independent school, is an advisor to a number of projects and organisations, and is a frequent speaker at educational conferences and gatherings around the world. Kevin is a Fellow in the UK-based Royal Society of Arts; member of the Online Executive Panel (Education) for McKinsey & Company; judge for the International School Awards; past lecturer for the National Endowment for the Humanities; and an advisor to multiple international education projects, including the OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University, as well as executive education credentials from Stanford University and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. A polyglot with seven languages, he holds citizenship in the US and UK.

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Anuradha (Anu) Monga

Senior Consultant

Anu consults on school start-ups, leadership development, whole-school development, inclusive education, and professional learning. A school leader with over 35 years of executive leadership experience, she currently consults with new and existing international schools in India, as well as state governments on teacher training programs. Anu speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

Committed to quality education, she has been one of the key players in Asia to promote international education. Focused on institution-building, developing partnerships and influencing policies, she brings expertise in working with educators and governments globally. Purpose-driven school culture is her forte. For Anu, the art of running a successful school rests not just in finding the right people, but ensuring that everyone is intrinsically motivated to grow together. It is all about nurturing the right context to learn, from creating supportive organizational structures to providing teacher training support. Her work in incorporating students with diverse learning needs in the regular learning environment has been a milestone in her career: a topic close to her heart, about which she has written and spoken on many occasions.

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Jeremy Lewis

Senior Consultant

Committed to shaping and leading high-quality teaching and learning, Jeremy has worked for many years as a teacher and school leader in international schools which offer the full range of IB programmes. He recently completed his twelfth and final year as Head of a K-12 international school in the UK, and prior to that he led an international school in Turkey for five years. He is deeply committed to providing opportunities for all student and teacher learners to fulfil their potential, and he advocates strongly for programmes which inspire students to develop their skills of independence and self-discovery.

During his career he has accumulated considerable experience in board governance, school accreditation, school transformation, safeguarding, crisis management, wellbeing, DEI, strategic planning, and recruitment. He has also served as a consultant to schools seeking to introduce the IB programmes. His experience has been gained in both new and long-established schools, and in schools that are either for-profit, not-for-profit, or designated as registered charities.

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Omolola Wright-Odusoga, Ed.D.

Senior Consultant

Omolola Wright-Odusoga ( Lola) is a transformative leader with more than 18 years of experience in the UK and Qatar. Lola is adept at ensuring support for children, parents, careers, faculty, and staff in a holistic, respectful learning environment. She is well versed in educational policies, procedures, government legislation, guidelines, and school startups. She has led schools in the UK and the international community through successful accreditations and Ofsted inspections, and was recognised for this Achievement by The Ministry of Education in Qatar.

Lola utilizes her education, knowledge, and skills to ensure high-quality educational services and quality assurance. She has earned a reputation for initiating and nurturing productive relationships with stakeholders to achieve the organisation’s mission, vision, and objectives. She thrives on supporting children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Lola promotes equality of opportunity and appropriate safeguarding procedures in an educational setting.

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Richard J. O’Hara, M.Ed.

Senior Consultant

Rick consults in the area of coaching and mentoring. He is a career educator, mentor, and school leader at the executive level, and has served as a development officer for non-profit organisations. He has dedicated his professional life to advancing young people, colleagues, schools, and organisations toward a higher vision of who and what they can be.

He brings expertise from 41 years at micro and macro levels of education: from teaching one student at a time to fundraising for programmes or capital campaigns, as well as from overseeing budgets and improving instruction to developing partnerships with schools in Asia and South America.

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