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Bespoke solutions designed to take you to the next level via human resources, financial projections, and feasibility studies.

Governance Diagnostic

1:1 Confidential Interviews

Governance Standards Survey

Documentation Audit

Board Meeting Observation

Whether you are wondering how your governing board might improve its effectiveness, how to identify possible solutions to issues that are plaguing your board, or how your board is doing relative to leading practices as part of a healthy governance review, we can help you in more ways than a traditional stand-and-deliver board training.

We produce a comprehensive, diagnostic report that integrates our learning from the interviews and survey, our analysis of essential documentation, and our observations of the full board meeting and slate of committee meetings. In effect, the report is a roadmap for the governing board, with a cogent list of recommendations and identification of workstreams. Following the issuance of the report to board leadership, who will share the report with the full board and head of school, we schedule a one-hour virtual debriefing call with board leadership.

Human Resources

Executive Compensation Study

Board compensation committees know that sound and defensible decisions about executive pay require transparent, quality data that they can trust. Our compensation studies instill confidence in executive pay decisions, and help to tie compensation logically to mission, values, or key performance indicators. We help you to build a compensation package that attracts and retains key talent, aligned to what you value.

Salaries and Benefits Study

For international schools, after working with you to identify a competitive set, we will obtain a third-party report. We then construct a confidential survey with no personal identifiers, and contact each school in the competitive set, to provide a second data set to compare against the third-party report. In our experience, there is often variation from report to report, and this method is our way of securing the most accurate information for clients. We perform a variation of this approach with our independent school clients.

Feasibility Studies

We help you to evaluate reactions to new (potential) products or services before your launch them by structuring your idea, establishing a range of specifications for it, identifying what would have to be true for the idea to be successful, forming focus groups to gain critical insight into the idea’s viability, creating more than one scenario for the idea, complemented by five-year financial projections and risk analysis.

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