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CxO Services

Sometimes your innovation and growth plans require a talent boost in operations or fundraising for a short period of time. Enter our fractional CxO services, whereby you pay for only a fraction of the position.


Whether your institution is trying to scale, is in transition, or simply needs a talent boost to help you accomplish a project, then a fractional CxO hire is your solution, allowing you to hire executive talent without the long-term commitment or price tag on an FTE.

How We Close Gaps

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

We evaluate your overall operations, establishing an orderly process to ensure that your operations run smoothly, every day. From cost reductions to process flow, hiring to accreditation, finance to fundraising, planning, and more, we will make you healthier and more efficient, providing steady counsel and expertise.

Chief Advancement Officer (CAO)

When you need leadership to keep your advancement (development) function running correctly, or to improve areas of need, our fractional CAO service will help you keep all trains running on time, ensure the performance of your annual fund, keep major donors close to you through moves management, advise you on stewarding your leadership donors, identifying planned gift opportunities, and more. This service is also ideal for a school contemplating the hire of its first Director of Advancement, wanting help structuring the office, and assisting with the hiring process.

Cxo services

Fill mission
critical roles.

We can develop a bespoke approach to amplify your resources and accelerate your projects.


Bring expertise to
your projects.

Bespoke solutions designed to take you to the next level: governance diagnostics, executive and teacher compensation studies, and feasibility studies.